Why Stoneware?

Our Alva Cocktail Mixing Glass was designed to mix either a single drink or multiple cocktails with a higher volume (720 ml / 24 oz.) than most mixing glasses in a strong stoneware vessel. The Alva is dishwasher safe, something that cannot be said for most crystal mixing glasses. Durable enough to last generations of cocktail service. 

The use of stoneware allows Analog Mercantile to add color and depth to a bar where it didn't exist before. Like your favorite coffee mug, the Alva Cocktail Mixing Glass will get better with time. 

What is a Name Book?

The Name Book is the most important bar tool you never knew existed. What is a bar without regulars? With The Name Book bartenders (and anyone that wants to remember people) have a chance to create a profile for the guests they need to remember with room for information to make their experience at the bar that much more meaningful. 


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